this week i

estimated and then mapped small area affordable care act signupsesri e-mailed me to ask how i'd made that map.  a one-letter response.

completed after more than a year: instructions for the national longitudinal surveys.  until i convinced them to release these files, nobody could calculate a confidence interval.  not just sloppy, unacceptable.  millions over decades, and users weren't able to run a t-test.  all forgiven now.

took the kids to the jungle gym, seven in a cab..

..amazing how quiet and polite young children can be when there's dessert at stake.

worry that the american media mixes stenography and hyperbole.  assertive quantitative journalism is the only way.

watched the corner.  intractable, insane.

the veterans of creative suffering

i ain't about to give up dope, coke, and mr. goodbar all at once.

need reinforcements.  out of the good flossers.  malarone every 36 hours.  glasses won't screw in.  line of pixels busted..

..but that's the price.