this week i

fail to plan.  my instincts push me toward mapping my future, must remember that's impossible.  anyway: there is never a wrong place to be.

live in a gated community..

..superior streets in this city, but finding a vacancy takes more time than i have.

luckily landed near where they serve this dish.  notice to meat to hot pepper ratio.

prefer this banksy.

am sorry..

high heels at any cost

"how did they do that" translation mistakes

kuala lumpur in miniature

..infinity kites, for sale of course.

rode this boat..

..that one equipped with mammoth lcd screen for the viewing pleasure of anyone sailing parallel.

meow motherfucker.

get out more than i used to.

refreshed on basic least squares from my favorite dr. brian caffo.

if we wanted to find the point where, if we were to put our finger there, right, if we were to put our finger at the point where this would balance out as if it was sort of if you were actually trying to do the physical experiment, that would be the physical center of mass of these collections of weight.  and that's exactly what minimizing this least squares criteria right here gives us, the physical center of mass.  from a statistical perspective, it makes a lot of sense.  well why don't we define the middle as that point that is that minimizes the distance from all the points.