this week i

released the rising cost of living longer and companion health affairs article.

live moss-free.

wrote this 324 weeks.  my favorite number, not sure why.

fixed the pakistan wikipedia entry.

learned that an infinite-sided polygon makes a circle.

set my wi-fi password to the first seven digits of pi.

shared an elevator ride with someone so impatient that he hit the 'close door' button before choosing his floor.  makes sense.

consider eating junk food slowly a sign of insanity.

worry that my closest supermarket has no ice cream.

figured it out: dogs are better than cats are better than small dogs.

realized that steel wool violates the whale shark adjective first noun last principle.

explored this city.

hope that's a wok.

ate spicy tofu that ended in the shape of a rorschach test bull's head.

cabled across the yangtze.