this week i

estimated the outcome of the affordable care act come tax time.  we quantified the surprises.  this project required everything that i know.

arrived in tokyo.  my grandmother would hate that i'm here.  they drive on the left and read up to down.

would buy a godzilla halloween costume, pacifier, rattle, maybe a bonnet.  tramp around the city and smash mailboxes and newspaper stands and stuff, like a good baby godzilla.  a world without consequences shouldn't be just bank robberies, you know.

equate chinese:latin as japanese:french as korean:basque.  or if chinese:german then japanese:english maybe korean:gaelic.  this is a dumb game.

ordered wrong.  this is my donut with seaweed.  and..

this is a crosswalk

this is a homeless person's house

this is a prayer ashtray

this is a dragon spittoon

this is what modern childhood has over mine

this is the second-best view of the city

this is what happens if you walk into a little restaurant and shrug your shoulders and nod until they bring you something

..this is the right season.

revere junichiro koizumi.  everyone over forty looks distinguished.  taxi drivers wear full-on suits.  the japanese have got it down.

read charles rosenberg's therapeutic medicine, a summary of how - but not why - mistakes were made.

the term "empiric" was a pejorative until the mid-nineteenth century

the indicators for bleeding were carefully demarcated in formal medical thought..yet laymen often demanded it even when the state of the pulse and general condition of the patient contraindicated the loss of blood.

watched citizenfour, laura poitras' documentary of the first days of edward snowden.  the academy dun good.

my personal desire is that you paint the target directly on my back.

people self-police

every spit and cough of every american's life

i'm eating a little less.  that's the only difference

it's supposed to be difficult to invade someone's privacy