this week i

confirmed everything works on macintosh and unix.

found a bug.  hannes fixed it fast.  mo monet mo problems.  also found our estimate from nhanes on the post front page.  no fix for that.

live on nine for another few weeks.

work in every coffee shop i can find.

wonder if bill murray was playing richard gere in lost in translation?  natalie: to get someone like scarlett johansson, he'd have to be.

walk and work and walk and work..

my pet peeve: eyelash pencils while driving

humans for scale

 a graveyard

 a big crow, another commonality with mt. rainier

a tiger roams the shrine

 asia without the neon

kind of like the las vegas sphinx

menus for shy people

okay i will not comb the dog poop but only because there was a sign

even the rubbish heaps are organized, the way ray liotta says organized in goodfellas


that is a fish

that is a spacesaver.  unrelated: ronald reagan was a colossal piece of shit

..that is one of many skylines.

wager that japan has the most white gloves per capita.  and views like this.  tokyo up there among the best.