this week i

like this house.  work hard, trust the neighbors.

arrived in kawasaki for the penis veneration festival.  first sunday of april.  the similarities to easter 2015 end there.

i think the one on the left was d'artagnan

either yawning or aghast. so mona lisa the sequel

the umbrellas are for the rain, pervert

..this went on for an hour.

consider anime the lab-grown meat of pornography.

meant to write this down for a while..

it's a tonal language, vietnamese is

..tanzanians have the opposite problem.  watch out a lhinocelos!

woke up to two earthquakes so far..

they are wearing suits and drinking sake

coffee for me thanks

why the women's restroom line will always be longer than the men's "in one chart"

pollen hijabs


aesop-based subway instructions of the great cities of the world.