this week i

counted the number of new medicare beneficiaries in their nongroup market, slated to change.

found robert hunter's handwritten composition of friend of the devil.

would love a statistical history of the united states.  or podcast of american history with statistics.  this comes close, but the story's yet to be told.

liked ross perot when i was ten.  the other two pre-date my political memory, but a great picture.

am surprised i've never seen a bar called baradise.  not saying it's a good idea, just amazed everyone agrees.

went for a run, got lost near the imperial palace, kept running.

love these things, want one badly, but at the end of the day it's just a bicycle with a coin slot.

was reminded of the fortune teller from big.

wrapped up this country.  some of these more zen than others.  leaving tokyo not for the weak at heart.