this week i

focused on the medicaid-eligible uninsured.  and then medicaid's role for american indians and alaska natives.

coined the term wikibacons, the number of rambling clicks from one entry to a seemingly-unrelated second.

make a producers reference: trump has springtime for hitlered his way to the republican nomination.

joined my father as he passed out cookies to the hospital nurses who previously only knew him in delirium - shock and hugs.

cleaned out the house.

would not have believed that brazil spans 8,358,140 square kilometers versus 8,080,464 for the contiguous united states.

learned how to recursively loop through a remote ftp and how to use every processor.

submitted a succinct bug in windows r version 3.2.3 after a week trying to whittle it down.

listened to jp..

she was in this like protective crouch, it's like a startle-response and i think that if you're traumatized often what happens is your body throws itself into a state of hyper-preparation.  and then unless you can, unless you can bring the meaning of the traumatic event up, and articulate it, and throw away what it isn't..too global and vague a formulation to be helpful

hungry people will dream about food

so you can think of dream as a hypothesis in some sense


(1) long war for ukraine

even with one front line moving somewhat one way or another, the conflict will morph into a frozen zone.  in the latter case, the self-declared donetsk and lugansk people's republics together will become a giant version of all the other post-soviet frozen conflicts, such as transnistria in moldova or abkhazia and south ossetia in georgia.  in these places russia is in de facto control of slices of other countries, but they have not much of an economy or prospects of a brighter future for their people, and so the young and dynamic leave.  we cannot know what putin may decide to do, but right now this third outcome seems the most likely

(2) religious accomodations

as oliver wendell holmes jr. is said to have remarked: "the right to swing my fist ends where the other man's nose begins."

(3) so the vaccination hoax did not lead to bin laden