this week i

helped out with an assessment of obamacare exchange enrollment so far.

think it an unresolved question whether we are the first sentient creatures to roam this planet.  perhaps we see our current biomass - today's human proliferation across the globe - as an answer to the question, "wouldn't other similarly dominant species have left an abundance of fossils?"  but our scientists have warned of the unsustainability of this population - so maybe ruling organism demographics inflate then deflate in quick enough of a geological heartbeat to go unnoticed in the subsequent digging that occurs eons in the future.  so in the billions of years of this planet's existence, why should we be certain that we can detect the footprint of another conquering species?  if humanity dies out in the next ten millennia and then - millions of years onward - another intelligent animal evolves: would they know of our civilization?  we don't even know dinosaur skin color.

lined up two simultaneous google drive accounts on a single computer.  be sure to use ascii quotes.

never knew lyndon johnson met fdr.  more surprising than clinton meeting kennedy, maybe only because of the distance of time.

ate swordfish and then laughed for a couple of hours.