this week i

updated our estimates of out of pocket high drug spending among the elderly.

know your treatise isn't messing around with a name like regarding the burning of heretics.  pre-protestant england nailed demands to church doors.

learned about marc antoine, big sister won a nationwide scholastic competition.

renewed with apostrophe per bureaucratic decree.

laid out on the laundry room floor.

worked at david's.  he calibrated his guitar stand, watered the garden, we drank sours, listened to bluegrass, waited on pizza.

coaxed my father to brunch.  unwilling to leave the house for dinner, french toast again but with sriracha 'n' tuna fat batter instead of eggs.

deduced christmas island +14, howland, baker islands -12 so at 11:00pm day 1 you could call someone legally talking to you from day 3 01:00am