this week i

stole a tree from gibson's, a small tree but a tree.  left it in the first floor lobby of the dormitory, the maid watered it daily.  if anybody says white privilege, that's not correct.  white privilege would involve getting caught, let off with a warning.  in this case we were just amazing thieves.

dig this.  life in its first moments did not age, was biologically immortal, died only due to damage, injury.

worked in baltimore with a long lunchbreak, ellicott city brewery on the mostly way home.

learned in an hour of television: anteaters don't have teeth, samsungs pass electricity between phones to charge the device with the lower battery.

watched book-binding one oh one.

don't forget corporations have us by the balls.

read about typewriters in china..

at the turn of the 20th century, the missionary inventors trying for a siamese typewriter simply lopped off two letters of the siamese alphabet, like cinderella's stepsisters severing the offending toe to make the foot fit the slipper

in 1951, typesetter zhang jiying shattered speed records by arranging characters in associative clusters, which he called lianchuan - 'chain' or 'free-association', later adopted as the term for what is now called predictive text