this week i

sanded the candle burns off the table, ate soba, dalessandro's, this thing.

hope to climb one day, take that everest mountaineers.  furthest point on the earth's surface from the earth's center.

search for hashtag #earthquake to see an overlay of english language usage, internet penetration rates, and seismic fault lines.

wrote some notes in the mapping class.

projection translations:

sql queries on spatial data:

tip! monitoring a target's "post time" on facebook may reveal what time the person wakes up each day

expect religion so long as there exist things that scientists cannot explain.

have two t-shirts with ge'ez writing, difficult to tell when they're inside out.

assume the five people deported from montserrat (population five thousand) are a family.  surely they knew each other.

wonder about the "united states" person.