this week i

ate afghani food before hamilton, revati forgot her mask.  my father's father born (1898) closer to the american revolution (1776) than to present day


admired wallpaper over fish tacos.  nobody wanted to wear gondolier regalia, paddle through the suez with me.  october is the new september


seared a side of cod and watched rocky.  apollo creed meets the italian stallion.  sounds like a damn monster movie


showed up for a chili pepper bonsai (sapling contortionism) class, leave grow lighting on 24 hours.  wiring should be applied at a 45 degree angle

attended frauke kreuter's survey methodology workshop, repeated warnings your sample reflects your population and understands your questionnaire

read the rifles by william vollmann

the people with bushy eyebrows

do you know how to dance in english?

kiss it to see if it's dead

you use thirty-thirties for polar bears.  you hunt walruses with thirty-thirties or thirty-ought-sixes.  you go after caribou with twenty-twos or two-twenty-fives.  a twenty-two for a seal

the moon through a rich man's telescope

smooth-worn as a narwhal's horn

dazzle them with..knowledge of an upcoming eclipse

it's a sin not to enjoy what you have.  i think i'll just go out into the snowdrifts and jerk off a few times.  it's this kind of landscape that really gets me going

it was the first sunset of the year

my friend suzy up in dc, last summer she got hit by lightning!  it was pouring down rain.  she was on her bike.  i guess she was pretty lucky.  if you get struck by lightning on the bottom of your bike you've had it, 'cause you're grounded or not grounded or something.  but she got hit on the top of her bike.  she felt tingles going up her.  she was pretty freaked out and ran into the bus shelter.  she told them she'd gotten struck by lightning, and they said: you can't stay here.  what if you're contagious?  and when she came closer they all ran away screaming

magnetism may affect the pineal gland, they say, and what the pineal gland does to your brain nobody knows.  so watch your thoughts at the north magnetic pole

inukshuk [canadian inuktitut] a man-shaped "statue" made of stones, used to scare caribou in the direction wanted by the hunters