this week i

traded shower with a view of christ the redeemer for 334sqft of back alley city center comfort.  matthew completed canoe despite 2018 start date.  monument flags at half mast for elizabeth the second.  the older i get, the more i enjoy paul simon. population pyramid could be a georgia o'keeffe

watched belfast.  there's nothing wrong with an outside toilet, except on an airplane. van morrison soundtrack, judi dench wears exquisite wrinkles

stole a potted tree from gibson's without penalty.  dorm maid watered it for years after we graduated.  laura corrected: not gibson's.  bank next door

delivered brazilian portuguese reinterpretations of ruffles, photographed experiencing his worry that cruella de vil might mistake him for a dalmatian

watched zelig, woody allen's leonard the chameleon discovers he has opinions first by insulting mia farrow's cooking

 i'm twelve years old, i run into a synagogue, i ask the rabbi the meaning of life.  he tells me the meaning of life but he tells it to me in hebrew.  i don't understand hebrew.  then he wants to charge me $600 for hebrew lessons

 i love baseball.  you know, it doesn't have to mean anything. it's just very beautiful to watch


(1) marronage in northeast brazil

(2) siberia is burning

the convulsion of a dying state

about two thirds of russia is covered in permafrost, a mixture of sand and ice that, until recently, remained frozen year-round.  as permafrost melts, walls built on it fracture, buildings sink, railways warp, roads buckle, and pipelines break.  anthrax from long-frozen reindeer corpses has thawed and infected modern herds.  sinkholes have opened in the melting ground, swallowing up whole buildings.  ice roads over frozen water, once the only way to travel in some remote regions, are available for ever-shorter periods.  the arctic coast is eroding rapidly, imperiling structures built close to the water

why don't you ukranians heat your rooms properly?

(3) the john birch society

the birch society's version of events..that president eisenhower was a communist, the soviet union had faked the hungarian revolution, sputnik was a hoax, and communists within the us government had planned for the bay of pigs invasion in 1961 to fail in order to help fidel castro.  it was welch who came up with the epithet "comsymp" to disparage americans who weren't communists but were said to be sympathizing with them

goldwater called the birchers, "the finest people in my community"

goldwater's famous line from his acceptance speech at the 1964 republican national convention - "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice" - can be read as an apologia for the birch society


(4) siege medicine

without blood banks, transfusions must come directly from donors, often the medical personnel themselves

international aid workers have a higher rate of violent death than us soldiers and police officers