this week i

anoint thee a wooden door after three beers.  ray charles and willie nelson sound good.  that dude dominates the algorithm.  //  oh?  word.  we are closer to captain james tiberius kirk's birthday than we are to the war of 1812, or as it is locally known, the war of southern aggression

they could hear the riders coming
he said, this will be my last fight
if they take me back to texas
they won't take me back alive


attended deer in headlights. quebecois license plate can only be read as a whispered threat.  are you american? // no, we're canadian. // oh soh-ree

watercolor penciled still life, six kiwis as stonehenge. a separate still life with googly eyes forthcoming, thwarted this time by non-self-adhesion. dog


read meaning, medicine and the 'placebo effect' by daniel moerman

placebo domino: "i shall please the lord"

an epithet given to any medicine adapted more to please than benefit the patient

sometimes, a bandage on a cut finger works better if it has a picture of snoopy on it

the diagnosis in itself exercised a therapeutic effect for the patient inasmuch as it provided an understandable, acceptable explanation for his behavior

the very fact that conventional medicine relies so strongly on the randomized controlled trial, often referred to as the "gold standard" of medicine, rests on the fact that people get better when they take inert medications

i was very impressed with him, especially when i heard he was the team doctor with the [houston], sure, i went ahead and signed up for this new thing he was doing...the surgery was two years ago and the knee never has bothered me since.  it's just like my other knee now.  i give a whole lot of credit to dr. moseley.  whenever i see him on tv during a basketball game, i call the wife in and say, "hey, there's the doctor that fixed my knee"

[injected] placebo is more effective than the oral placebo

new blood vessels ("angiogenesis")

researchers noticed that men who took most of their prescribed clofibrate, more than 80% of what was prescribed, did better than the men who took less.  after five years, only 15.7% of the good adherers had died, while 22.5% of the poor adherers had died.  the message seems to be "take all your medicine."  but it is more complicated than this because the same thing happened with the placebo patients.  men who took more than 80% of their placebos had a five-year mortality rate of 16.4% while those who took less had a mortality rate of 25.8%

if you expect that a cup of coffee will wake you up, it will, even if some sneaky researcher has secretly given you decaffeinated coffee

among the most important and powerful medicinal plants used by the iroquois are those known to grow on graves