this week i

double-took at a skin-tight leopard print crop top to confirm wasn't leopard print arm sleeve tattoo. picasso copied hokusai, ai may change much
a cambrian explosion of use cases
churning out persuasive-sounding answers in response to any prompt, they are brilliant but brainless mimics, with no guarantee that their output is anything more than a digital hallucination
every single major content provider in the world thought they needed a metaverse strategy; they all need a generative media strategy

peaches in the summertime
apples in the fall
if i can't have the girl i love
i don't want none at all


completed episode 150, henry the 8th reforms church, beheads queen elizabeth's mother.  because almost all reading was done out loud at the time


read where the crawdads sing by delia owens

i can't count as high as that many gulls are

you just shit fire an' fall in it

if she ever became a poet, she'd make the message clear

she's outrun everybody for years.  truant officers, census takers, you name it, she's outwit 'em all

her family never had a pet.  not one dog or cat.  the only thing close was the female skunk - a silky, slinky, and sassy creature - who lived under the shack.  ma called her chanel

ordinary light is shattered by microscopic prisms in the feathers of hummingbirds

you can't get hurt when you love someone from the other side of an estuary

grits were listed on the menus as polenta in mushroom sauce and cost $6.00

like a lady firefly