this week i

attended american community survey data user's conference, they're not sure whether to make it synthetic.  census bureau only on its 26th director

wish weird al would cover gandhi by the cranberries. my most promising tinder match: hi, i like french fries. if you like texting, let's get married pls

watched omkara: bollywood's othello.  desdemona first woman played by a woman.  she who can dupe her own father will never be anyone's to claim

listened to rachel bronson justify clock close to midnight. ta-nehisi coates also noticed equipment overload at corniche ouest. fox news quoted hillary

drew still life with googly eyes, maybe tablecloth and green onions next time.  some emoji sentences: πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸŒ‹ // πŸ—ΌπŸͺ‚ // πŸš™πŸ’¨  πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“

read bring out your dead: the great plague of yellow fever in philadelphia in 1793 by john harvey powell

their infections could obviously be traced to the noxious effluvia of the rotting coffee

take of rue, wormwood, and lavender, of each one handful; put these altogether with a gallon of the best vinegar into a stone pan, covered over with paste, and let them stand within the warmth of a fire, to infuse for eight days - then strain them off, and to every quart bottle put three quarters of an ounce of camphor.  let the camphor be dissolved before it is put into bottles.  rub the temples and loins with this preparation before going out in a morning, wash the mouth, and snuff up some of it into the nostrils, and carry a piece of sponge that has been dipped in it, in order to smell to pretty often

less worldly writers deemed the fever caused by the pride and corruption of the citizens, their playhouses, circus, palaces, carriages, and costly edifices; they commended prayer and submission to god in place of flight or medicine

amulets of dried frogs

an appeal to bankers urged that all notes be renewed so the respectable inhabitants could leave the city - a live debtor was a better risk than a dead one

"hereafter my name should be shadrach, mesach or abednego..for i am sure the preservation of those men from death by fire was not a greater miracle than my preservation from infection of the prevailing disorder"

i even saw one of the diseased, who having nauseated his medicine, discharged the contents of his stomach upon his benefactor.  what did girard then do? - entirely devoted to the public welfare, firm and immovable, and forgetting himself to think only of the sufferings of his fellow-creatures, whom he wished to succour; he wiped the patient's cloaths, comforted, and by the force of persuasion and patience, induced him to swallow the remedy

the principal mortality of the disease is now from the doctors

many more favorable notices of mercury and bleeding appeared than unfavorable.  letters from patients bearing grateful witness to the success of dr. rush's cure overwhelmed the few protests against it, and the small company of mercury doctors were as ready with the pen as with the lancet.  rush magnified doubts into enmity; he also magnified consent into virtue

the new little baby died; but winter came on, and she and her older son recovered.  they returned with her mother to the city, where mrs. payne began to take gentlemen boarders.  the handsome young widow of lawyer todd was an appealing spectacle.  senator aaron burr certainly thought so, and he was accounted by all to be an excellent judge.  it was senator burr who introduced dolly todd to congressman james madison of virginia.  that the distinguished statesman was twenty years her senior, even that he was a head shorter than she, did not long deter the lady of john todd's heart.  eleven months after john's death dolly married james madison, and entered upon a career that would have amazed her simple, adoring quaker lawyer.  dolly madison's role in history began in the yellow fever of 1793

this was the height of the plague, the height of demoralization, of despair, the height of disaster.  the city was no human thing at all, but a place of quivering stench and filth, a place ruled by unreason.  everyone realized the uselessness of garlic, nitre, vinegar, tar, and camphor, but still they clung to their familiar nostrums from force of habit, took some comfort in their astringent smells.  every superstition, every homely legend, every traditional remedy was preserved, in all its ineffectualness.  tobacco was the universal preventive.  young henry s. drinker went out for a walk in germantown with a segar in his mouth.  he had never smoked before; the segar turned him to a green sweat.  he staggered around to george hesser's orchard to discharge his stomach, fearful of doing so on the road lest people suspect him of having the fever.  back in his mother's parlor he was sick and pale

stephen girard resumed his lonely existence, going from one service to another, rising higher in the esteem of philadelphians, withdrawing further from their midst, finally crowning his endless efforts with the largest bequest to public charities that the modern world had ever seen