this week i

landed at mississippi missouri confluence, namesake a different monarch than louisiana's sun king, paint louis lol.  please use other door infinite loop, dall-e could not mobius strip macaroni twist the top center of the arch, sands of time dna looks ok.  in town for the symposium on data science and statistics, i most marvel at, just, you know, statistically, of all humans in all history, how we got such nourishing food and safe, comfortable shelter?



enjoyed roger peng's plenary, he spoke about the direct to consumer movement of academia.  decisions can be made without data, it happens all the time.  the chi-squared symbol looks like a children's toy that had come to life but then needed to freeze quickly because a human entered the room and turned on the light.  christine zhang at nyt designed their full first front and back printed paper when covid crossed one million, coined data visceralization for when an infographic makes you feel.  and me?  all i did was draw a population density map based on this one here

attended quality short course: machine learning foundations - a hands-on introduction taught by william franz lamberti.  parameter insignificant?  leave it in.  the eu has passed laws that require a doctor explain a model to a patient, which bars certain prediction algorithms because black boxes