this week i

drew two. robert caro must subscribe to the great man of history theory, mustn't he? begin a joke archimedes, newton, and einstein walk into a bar..

landed in lima, with decadent dogs, burgers in coming to america mcdowell's style establishments. will this war yield yet another great russian novel?


disable scene optimizer to avoid faked moon anything.  did you know you can screenshot your body by farting and coughing at the same time?

ate pac-man ghost chifa.  whether or not sixteenth century cartographers had switched ptolemaic to copernican, they included recife but not china

asked chatgpt for ten egyptian hieroglyphs with nearest modern emojis: more than half wrong.  always a challenge to divert those grooves


wish to be a monsanto climate change adaptation strategy meeting fly on the wall.  maybe not evil a la exxon, still worth the metamorphosis


watched new york stories by scorsese, both coppolas, woody allen's oedipus wrecks, with young steve buscemi, julie kavner, still old looking larry david. i'm a person who believes in science and logic and rational thought  //  meanwhile your mother is hovering over the chrysler building


re-read galapagos by kurt vonnegut, about our unwieldy minds.  vonnegut the only author whose works i have exhausted, except, i suppose, my own

 i was there, too, but perfectly invisible

thanks a lot, big brain

to hear him tell it, he had tethered peacocks and snow leopards and gorillas and crocodiles and albatrosses to the stakes.  in his big brain, bikini became the exact reverse of noah's ark.  two of every sort of animal had been brought there in order to be atom-bombed

what was so thought provoking about all sorts of galapagos finches to young charles darwin, though, was that they were behaving as best they could like a wide variety of much more specialized birds on the continents.  he was still prepared to believe, if it turned out to make sense, that god almighty had created all the creatures just as darwin found them on his trip around the world.  but his big brain had to wonder why the creator in the case of the galapagos islands would have given every conceivable job for a small land bird to an often ill-adapted finch?  what would have prevented the creator, if he thought the islands should have a woodpecker-type bird, from creating a real woodpecker?  if he thought a vampire was a good idea, why didn't he give the job to a vampire bat instead of a finch, for heaven's sakes?  a vampire finch?

for of all sad words of tongue or pen,  //  the saddest are these: "it might have been!"

take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut

the peruvian junta gave this as its official reason for going to war: that the galapagos islands were rightfully peru's, and that peru was going to get them back again

i disturbed my father at his typewriter, and asked him what my heritage was from his side of the family.  i didn't know then what sperm was, and so wouldn't understand his answer for several years.  "my boy," he said, "you are descended from a long line of determined, resourceful, microscopic tadpoles - champions every one"

what could most of that blah-blah-blahing have been, both night and day, but the spilling of useless, uncalled-for signals from our preposterously huge and active brains?

but in the long run, i don't think it would have made much difference which males did the impregnating, mick jagger or dr. henry kissinger or the captain or the cabin boy.  humanity would still be pretty much what it is today

truth be told, the planet's most victorious organisms have always been microscopic.  in all the encounters between davids and goliaths, was there ever a time when a goliath won?

"oh, well - he wasn't going to write beethoven's ninth symphony anyway"

"in this era of big brains, anything which can be done will be done - so hunker down"