this week i

find stone paths btw lunch salad, dinner date:  latte at, mercado bambina replenish fizzy drinks, subway disembarkers quinze minutinhos


wish merry prankster van showed up at trump rally, squared with hell's angels after all.  no bookmarks?  i'll remember place first four pages ft at least

drew dragon shadows, do they fly in a v?  reality a mystery.  writing about survey methodology like the third or fourth most fun thing i've ever done


read murder on the orient express by agatha christie, those stabby italians.  spoiler: everyone killed him

 the train, it is as dangerous as a sea voyage!

hercule poirot addressed himself to the task of keeping his moustaches out of the soup

if you will forgive me for being personal - i do not like your face

ce n'est rien.  je me suis trompe

 that implies a detached attitude.  i think my attitude is more selfish.  i have learned to save myself useless emotion

"it is a woman," said the chef de train, speaking for the first time.  "depend upon it, it was a woman.  only a woman would stab like that"

he chews the gum, which i believe is not done in good circles

remember an italian's weapon is the knife, and he stabs not once but several times

"i belong to the world, madame," said poirot dramatically

it is an exercise, this, of the brain

"i like to see an angry englishman," said poirot.  "they are very amusing.  the more emotional they feel, the less command they have of language"

they were all in it.  for so many people connected with the armstrong case to be travelling by the same train through coincidence was not only unlikely: it was impossible.  it must be not chance, but design.  i remembered a remark of colonel arbuthnot's about trial by jury.  a jury is composed of twelve people - there were twelve passengers - ratchett was stabbed twelve times.  and the thing that had worried me all along - the extraordinary crowd travelling in the stamboul-calais coach at a slack time of year - this was explained