this week i

caught birthday bouquet.  8:45pm 12 hour phone off, i missed borboleta, save your tears, moonlight, flamingos.  that's amora?  no, ah blackberry 🤌



tried on some did i say that out loud faces.  right now it's crude / maybe one day / it'll be / graffiti / dick of pompeii

wrote maybe for national crime victimization survey?  or is it an elevator?  saint peter's sports bar / evil deed instant replay / sinful thought jukebox


read visualize this: the flowingdata guide to design, visualization, and statistics by nathan yau.  i'd attended both conferences, visited wu wien solo

 snails moved fastest on glass

clearly, concisely, and ever so nicely

label your axes so that readers know what scale points are plotted on.  is it logarithmic, incremental, exponential, or per 100 flushing toilets?  personally, i always assume it's that last one when i don't see labels

most languages use 0-based arrays or vectors where the first item is referenced with a 0-index.  r, however, uses 1-based vectors

loess, or locally weighted scatterplot smoothing

the default pie chart appears with eight a grayscale lollipop

bubbles should be sized by area.  they should not be sized by radius, diameter, or circumference

get ready to make some maps