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finished a flowchart before artrio at glorious marina, with candied snails, isaiah zagar bindi, archimbolo'd frida, deep blue rhinoceri plus artmio



read robert frost's most famous.  alexander died before aristotle.  so here i am with the torch, now who wants it?  palace intrigue, unknown if real.  sarkozy: france belongs to those who wake at five.  strauss-kahn: family is your children and the woman you live with.  zhou enlai: it's too soon to know the impact of the french revolutionxi jinping: you people, you either eat and drink yourselves into the grave, or die between the sheets


read the three worlds of captain john smith: the worlds of a soldier, slave, and fugitive over the face of europe, a wise, patient, and energetic founder of the new world, an adventurer, home in england, to tell the truth about his other worlds by philip l. barbour.  peggy lee's inaccuracy

decorative moat

taking earthenware pots to the number of forty or fifty, and sufficient gunpowder, pitch, brimstone, and turpentine, smith fitted quartered musket-bullets to the pots with strong waxed cloth and inflammably impregnated woven hemp or cotton wick.  simple slings were then made, and when the time came the pots were ignited and lobbed over into the city.  it was midnight, and smith says that "it was a fearful sight to see the short flaming course of their flight in the air," and that when they had fallen "the lamentable noise of the miserable slaughtered turks was most wonderful to hear"

gentlemanly decollation

his bloodthirst slaked

captain john smith from that date henceforward "to design and impress upon his shield three turks' heads," in a token of his feat

"most of them were slain and taken prisoners," says john smith, meaning "or"

sir francis drake when he "singed the spanish king's beard"

consultant geographer

with the death of the old queen came a brief rest, while england waited to see what sort of a man king james i would be..the king was occupied with such things as the peace conference he called with spain, and the hampton court conference which led to the new translation of the bible

no map drawn by hudson survives, yet there are charts clearly based on sketches by him. these testify to the accuracy of his surveys of coastlines and so on.  no map drawn by john smith survives either, yet he supplied the detail for the map of virginia that bears his name.  it testifies to at least equally accurate surveying

hierro (or ferro), the westernmost of the canaries, had been used since ptolemy's day to establish 0° longitude.  an international congress established the zero meridian at greenwich in 1914

the chesepians lived one hundred and thirty miles north of roanoke

the werowance of paspahegh, wowinchopunk

as shapespeare had written not long before, "danger, like an ague, subtly taints"

died, of beriberi, it seems

without further garboil [hubbub]

hubris, polished insolence

out of patience, the indians bound cassen to a tree and began to hack his fingers and toes off with mussel shells and dried, sword-sharp reeds.  in agony, cassen screamed out that smith had gone up the river, but it was too late.  the indians had tasted blood, and would not stop now.  they lighted a fire, threw the severed pieces of george cassen into the flames, and began to flay him alive, starting with his scalp and continuing with his face and neck - then on down his body, ripping open the belly.  with that, they set fire to the tree, and soon george cassen, tree and all, formed a blazing torch around which the indians danced and whooped.  the six remaining englishmen meanwhile had escaped in the barge

they showed him a bag of gunpowder which they were keeping to plant the following spring - they wanted to know what kind of seed it was

john smith, diminutive warrior from the battlefields of turk and tatar, was admitted to the august presence of the autocrat of tidewater virginia

a mantle of raccoon skin drawn about him

 "north virginia" (new england)

the river was a musket shot broad*  600-800 feet

smith and scrivener divided the captive indians into two groups, and shortly afterwards had volleys of shot fired so that each group would "think that their fellows had been slain."  then, separately, they put all of them to a test to learn whether macanoe told the truth

these they christened smiths isles - collectively called smith island today

the werowance of the village, kiptopeke by name, entertained the englishmen with stories of a strange epidemic which had visited his indians not long before

john smith sailed past the flats where the washington monument now stands almost on the same day that samuel de champlain drove the first stakes in the ground to establish a permanent french settlement in canada - a fort called quebec

the barge..sailed down the potomac, around low, creek-laced smith point, and southward in the bay for twenty-five miles to the mouth of the tappahannock, now called rappahannock.  (the two are the same word, in different dialects.)  there the barge was caught by the ebb tide and grounded in the shallow water off the south shore.  while waiting for the returning high water to float them again, smith amused himself spearing fish with his sword.  the others copied him, and within an hour they had more than they could eat.  but smith the spearer was himself speared while taking a stringray off the blade.  the dying fish's poison tail stuck in his wrist, penetrating an inch and a half into his arm..before the tide returned, four hours later, his hand, arm, shoulder, and part of his body became so swollen that all hope was given up of saving his life, and smith personally chose a place to bury his tormented body.  doctor russel, however, had not been idle, and the oil he had applied to the wound at last proved an antidote for the poison.  before nightfall, smith was out of danger, and was able to eat his would-be assassin for supper.  solemnly they named smith's proposed burial place stingray isle, today known as stingray point


richard hakluyt, an eminent (though armchair) geographer, reasoned that some sort of passage ought to exist, just as gold ought to exist, and sir walter ralegh's colonists ought still to exist

a lucullan banquet (washed down with nothing but water)

punitive arson

merchant adventurers

perhaps in the vain home that if smith was alive he might indeed return to virginia, powhatan sent his "councilor," uttamatomakkin, to london to try to find him, and to learn if he were really dead.  at the same time, the wily despot wanted a report on the strength of the enemy - the english.  uttamatomakkin was instructed to take a long stick with him, and cut a notch in it for each person he saw in england.  the findings of this census-taking were to be reported back to powhatan

the great powhatan had died in the spring of 1618..that same year, in august, "a dutch man of war landed twenty negroes for sale," as robert beverley wrote - the first slaves in anglo-america

history is the memory of time, the life of the dead, and the happiness of the living

"history without that so much neglected study of geography is sick of a half dead palsy."  he had the copper plates for two maps already, virginia and new england

the beauteous lady tragabigzanda, when i was a slave to the turks, did all she could to secure me [from harm].  when i overcame the bashaw of nalbrits in tartaria, the charitable lady callamata supplied my necessities.  in the utmost of many extremities, that blessed pocahontas, the great king's daughter of virginia, oft saved my life.  when i escaped the cruelty of pirates and most furious storms, a long time alone in a small boat at sea, and driven ashore in france, the good lady madame chanoyes bountifully assisted me

an aristocratic goose-quill

my most gracious good lords, i desire to leave testimony to the world, how highly i honor as well the mitre as the lance