this week i

took a risk.  my father's only memory of my namesake those two barber visits to shave my under five year old father bald because - christ not again - bubble gum in his hair.  on this night in history, sarah photographs me blowing bubble gum bubbles, smoke in hand.  we dama e o vagabundo com minhocas de goma before beijando adeus.  the joy of cooking, of sex, of turning off one's electronics and lying on the couch and inhaling deeply

recline, start playlist or one on repeattranquilidade..spouse of mary.  voce e muito lindo!  voce tem quantos maridos?  sete?  (pronounced satchy)

one, two views of corcovado

treasure better as verb than noun

the original aquaman

this is how eye roll 🎡

stars not bars


read haya's wikipedia entry

the apra was born as an eminently anti-oligarchic and anti-imperialist force.  it was early linked to marxism but clearly disagreed with communism, as it considered it a totalitarian political system

haya postulates that imperialism is the highest expression of capitalism

imperialism is the last phase of capitalism in developed countries, but in underdeveloped countries, such as peru, it is the first phase 

ask if i'm not going to subscribe to the new york review of books and the london review of books, then who is?  tho not mine only font of knowledge..



(1) cormac mccarthy

a hobbesian wasteland

mccarthy's language has all the richness of the king james bible, its cadences slow and forever beautiful and forever at odds with the world it describes.  it's a vision of the american west a good bit more likely than anything john ford ever put on the screen, but though the critical literature on it is now enormous, blood meridian sold fewer than 1,500 copies on its first publication


(2) maritime asia

a shipwreck is a time capsule, a moment frozen in time

for all their fame, the overland silk roads always carried much less trade than the sea roads: ships, after all, could carry much greater loads and travel more quickly than camels

(3) an 'attention mechanism', a layer in a neural network that learns which parts should be focused on and adjusts the weights accordingly


(4) in 1884 xinjiang - the 'new frontier' - was declared a province of the empire

the uyghur so close to the uzbek of uzbekistan..the two languages are mutually intelligible

the collapse of soviet power and the consequent emergence of independent states in central asia in the early 1990s that precipitated uyghur unrest 


(5) alexander

a pioneer of political spin, a master of image-making.  he permitted only a single court-approved sculptor, lysippus, to do his portrait and took a team of propagandists and influencers on his invasian of asia.  on a medallion dating to late in his reign or just after, he appears in the guise of zeus, holding a fiery thunderbolt - the first time a european monarch minted his own image.  his widely circulated drachma coins, issued in a uniform design across his vast empire, show the profile of a beardless, youthful heracles, with features so much resembling alexander's own that coin dealers today sometimes confuse the two

his marriage to roxane


(6) buster keaton

the marx borthers and their 'hymn to anarchy'

'he was', orson welles said, 'as we're now beginning to realize, the greatest of all the clowns in the history of cinema'

suitcase handles sewn on the back of his jacket for better heaving

a face as still and sad as a daguerreotype

one thing we never did when making our silent comedies was put the story down on paper


(7) computing and climate change

the carbon emissions produced by information and communication technologies (ict) are difficult to measure, but probably account for around 2 or 3 per cent of total global emissions, perhaps as much as 4 per cent.  that's comparable to aviation's contribution to climate change


(8) booktok

many bookshops now have 'as seen on tiktok' tables close to their entrances.  branches of waterstones have their own tiktok accounts, usually run by junior employees 


 (9) the zero-sum nature of government research funding


(10) zeffirelli's 'romeo and juliet'

the second publication, in 1599, had the title the most excellent and lamentable tragedy of romeo and juliet

treat life itself as a noisy party