this week i

flew to quito for breakfast, a buttock in each hemisphere, dickensian street dogs acting as deposed royalty, and and and we saw a mountain toucan

hiked bosques nublados.  kenyan marathoners beware should ecuadorean highlanders lace up running shoes.  david on sylph: looks fake as shit

arrived in chugchilan circa osos andinos.  difference btw peligro vs peligroso must be danger vs danger bears.  vivian asked: oh is that star wars?

ran past snarling dogs of unterraced mountain farms, bade how are you to farmer before realizing he was fertilizing his crops.  headhunters east of here, mas seguro para pastorear gansos tontos.  conejillos de indias surprisingly palatable, trout divine.  most orchids epiphytes, tapirs mostly blind


(1) french flags have been unstitched and resewn as russian ones, with the red, white and blue rearranged


last october, a video surfaced on whatsapp and facebook of a young kemetist in a shop in bamako taking the fight to the enemy; he began with the standard ancient egyptian greeting - 'hotep!' ('be in peace') - and went on to denounce islam in bamanankan.  he was brandishing a qur'an, which he then threw on the ground and trampled

the sahel is known for its empires, but its most common political form was the small associative republic that western ethnologists, puzzled by this comprehensive decentralization of power, referred to with a string of unflattering names: acephalous, headless, stateless, anarchic.  it was government by continuous deliberation, accounting for everyone's interests.  will it return one day? 


(2) alphabetica

the earliest surviving chinese writing, oracles inscribed on pieces of bone including turtle shells, predicts the military maneuvers of the king's enemies and neighbors

the fact that the knots were not tied to any particular language made this three-dimensional script a useful tool of the incan empire

the rules here are clear even for undeciphered scripts: several hundred signs point to a logo-syllabary; fifty to a hundred to a syllabary; fewer than that and we enter the realm of the alphabet, in which each letter denotes a single unit of sound

the greeks themselves were committed to the foreign origins of their script, and often called their letters "phoenicians."  they added vowels by recycling existing phoenician letters that had been used for sounds that didn't exist in greek


(3) ugandan resources

yoweri museveni, who has held power for nearly four decades, has even described the petroleum that will soon flow through eacop as "my oil" 


(4) literacy by vibes

(5) the sketch of an anatomical doctrine of intelligence

 a man who had gone blind as an adult but could still see in his dreams

freud was "trying to make psychophysiology lead into biology"..cajal "was trying to do the exact opposite"

cajal was also an excellent draftsman..his highly specific drawings of nerve cells are what he is more widely remembered for..he would stain a slice of brain tissue using the black reaction, study it through a microscope, go out to a cafe, then come back and draw the image from memory.  a literal version, he believed, would have been so detailed as to be incomprehensible

 a privileged brain, sovereign organ of behavior and action

in the desideratum: or, electricity made plain and useful, he wrote that electricity could be a "rarely failing remedy, in the nervous cases of every kind (palsies excepted)"

by shocking victims of the guillotine, the italian scientist giovanni aldini made them sit upright..mary shelley drew indirectly on this phenomenon in frankenstein


(6) ecological crime scenes

to grow a single almond requires about a gallon of water

a recent us geological survey study of the effects of a possible flood like the one of 1861 - 1862 concluded that it would do $725 billion in damage, as opposed to the mere $200 billion predicted for the state's next major earthquake

the corn belt "generates more photosynthetic activity than any other spot on earth during july, a 2014 nasa analysis of satellite imagery found"


(7) in 1947 the first inflation basked tracked distemper, winceyette and a windsor chair

w: the manufacturer has changed the product's size.  s: a special offer is affecting the price.  m: missing.  the raw price-tables published online each month are littered with these letters, tiny traces of perturbations in the currents of world trade

for the undeterred, the basket provides plenty of material for sociological observation.  meals out were added in 1968, duvets in 1980.  to judge from the basket, we are a nation addicted to loose slices of cooked ham and individual meat pies.  indigestion tablets.  takeaway kebabs.  chicken kiev (still).  garlic bread is in there, but garlic is not.  lemsip makes the cut ('cold/flu drink powder'); cream liquor 70cl; malted chocolate sweets

in compiling the basket the ons aims for longevity.  they do not want another minidisc or mp3 player, both of which were ditched after three years.  items tend to come up for review on a five-year cycle; the few that have been dropped sooner underline the risk of cleaving too closely to the zeitgeist

the vogue for the phrase 'cost of living' may be one source of the confusion (in 2022 it was uttered 3223 times in parliament, a tenfold increase on the previous year)


(8) monotremé

a recent study suggests that the monotremes first arose 130 million years ago inside the south polar circle, at a time when australia and antarctica were joined.  indeed, it seems that their electrosensitive abilities developed as a means to help them find food during the dark and frigid three-month polar winter.  fossil platypuses from 64 million years ago have been found in southern south america, so it is probably more accurate to think of them as antarctic rather than australian creatures

platypuses (and echidnas) lack nipples.  this means that the youngest must slurp the milk from their mother's fur

the common wombat surely outdoes all in its ability to produce geometric feces: it is the only creature on earth that excretes cube-shaped fecal pellets


(9) overcoming misogyny was much harder than overthrowing a dictator


(10) de facto ukranian independence

"the secret of happiness is liberty," thucydides has pericles say in a funeral oration in ancient athens, the birthplace of democracy, "and the secret of liberty is courage"

anchoring ukraine (together with moldova and georgia) firmly in the geopolitical west would mean the effective end of the russian empire..for the first time in european history, we would have a fully post-imperial europe