this week i

visited the c&o, postal museum, the arcade, napoleon (dynamite was better).  there are a lot of things in america that are hard to explain to kids.  like why that playground is locked.  ice cream sandwiches might be capitalism's best.  do you want to stay in your shoebox when i'm gone or do you want to stay at our place? // i don't see the difference // i thought it was supplied by the adjective that i used // it's actually a noun // so is moron

note guilherme's face at moment of learning the central bank of the united states now links to our textbook about poverty, inequality.  🔥🐉, 🌊🐉



set the records straight up and down, former tenant lip balm under fridge.  if human science flips energy from being a scarce resource to an abundant one, will humans continue to towel themselves or will we install jet engine contraptions over our showers for a full body blowdry?


indulge one deadly sin with herbal, honeybush, rooibos: chilling then chugging.  we each have our gluttony demon alongside other six, i drown mine in an assortment of caffeine-free, refrigerated teas.  alt text: that wherethehellami feeling of waking after sunset from a nap originating in daylight


didn't draw roomfull of chimps smoking, sweating at typewriters as shakespeare cracks whip below speech bubble, "iambic pentameterize faster!"

wonder if dante's circles weren't concentric, but, rather, seven separated hula hoops abandoned on the pad and pour polyurethane gymnasium floor

read the golden mole by katherine rundell

persian geographer ibn al-faqih wrote in 903 that the giraffe occurs when 'the panther mates with the [camel mare]'

the word lemur comes from the latin lemures meaning, 'ghosts'

the best stage direction ever written is shakespeare's, in the winter's tale: 'exit, pursued by a bear'

each week throughout the seventeenth century, a spreadsheet was drawn up to record the causes of death in london, called the bill of mortality.  the causes listed are vivid, and beg many questions: 'affrighted', 'blasted', 'teeth', 'dead in street' , 'eaten of lice', 'king's evil'

the ageing prince, tired of waiting for his throne, turns into a wolf and eats the queen

if you want to nurture a forest, plant a wolf

wolves are one of the very few animals who convey information with facial expressions

darwin wrote in 1867 that he had it on good authority that the hedgehog could be seen in the spanish mountains 'trotting along with at least a dozen of these strawberries sticking on its spines...carrying the fruit to their holes to eat in quiet and security'

the trunks of pollux and castor, the tenderest part, were sold as a delicacy for forty francs a pound.  the famished citizens who ate them were, unknowing, consuming a marvel.  an elephant's trunk is a fusion of the upper lip and nose, freighted with forty thousand muscles (we have about 650 in our entire bodies)..with its prehensile tip the african elephant can pluck a single blade of grass, or lift 350 kilos, or swing a man into the air

ancient greek fishermen, untangling seahorses from their nets, believed they had in their hands the newborn young of poseidon's steeds

gods crave our awe

to sleep, the baby will often roll into a ball, and the mother will form her ball around him: pangolin matryoshkas

 stampeding oceanic buffalo