this week i

locked together the 1,000 piece florilegium.  at a certain point it just becomes ouija.  yes, dog, i am aware of your affections.  and e-f-f y-o-u to writers of stories of talking dogs throughout history: a dog's first words would be, "why can't i eat what you people eat?" repeated ad pawseum

read on materials science our work rep­res­ents an order-of-mag­nitude expan­sion in stable mater­i­als known to human­ity and mex­ico this year became the us’s largest trad­ing part­ner, ahead of canada, as it began to win a big­ger share of the ground lost by china and in mogadishu itself, on several occasions i had women approaching in the street, begging "food, food for baby", swaddling what was an obviously long dead and decomposing child

hang from the pearly gates of heaven a "bartender wanted" sign.  some plain old guitar.  a vertebrate's elegy: the wine was fine, the spine was divine

may never understand how people sleep with the knowledge that there's ice cream in the house.  sisyphus had it better than prometheus at least

milo venus was a beautiful lass, she had the world in the palm of her hand
she lost both her arms in a wrestling match

toured the new newseum, bloomberg building at 555 pennsylvania avenue with erin.   perfect capitol view, tollbooth library, e-waste art installation


thumbed through apeture masters of photography: number one by paul strand.  separately, matt schlapp looks like a modern herbert hoover


read thing explainer: complicated stuff in simple words by randall munroe

people door: put on space clothes before going through or you'll die

a turning-wing sky boat can still go farther above the sea than most under-water boats can go below it



any time heavy metal is used for power, people worry about something going wrong.  of course, given what these boats are built for, people worry even more about the idea of one of them working right

it might seem like it would make more sense to put the extra-thick part below the road, because it's "holding" the road up, and we usually hold things from below
but if it's strong mostly because it's thick, then it works just as well if you add the thickness above the road

river stoppers