this week i

read arms control advocacy by curtisthe film's story, however, is far from over  he sent me astronomers reveal first image o.t.b.h.a.t.h.o.o. galaxy

four million times more massive than our sun

because the black hole is about 27,000 light-years away from earth, it appears to us to have about the same size in the sky as a donut on the moon

like trying to take a clear picture of a puppy quickly chasing its tail 

read from hong kong that unofficial statisticians must present findings to appropriate authorities before dissemination.  tommy gnocchi also alarmed

illustrated what precipitated send more chuck berry.  do lunar wolves howl at each full earth?  some planet earth unicorns.  and u and me, shall we?


ask through this string & two tin cans of a blog how many days in a row could you eat pizza? more than it took god to forge heaven and earth and chill


name that exclamation: 😇💩  i'm a millennial // you're a late boomer  franciene visited terraneve, artificial snow in the deepest bowels of brazil

watched brüno

because i think are amazing
am i going to wake up to find you masturbating over me?
i promise not to wake you
it's actually mine.  more champagne?  the last bit was lloyd's idea
i apologize for the state of the room but can i assure you the toilet is absolutely spotless


read needle at the bottom of the sea: bengali tales from the land of eighteen tides by tony k. stewart, including bengal bay as haystack, the auspicious tale of the lord of the southern regions, tiger-mounted gods lift mortals by the scruff of the neck, tigers disguise selves in sheep's clothing

tigers, serpents, and crocodiles

viraha, "love in separation," ...this recurring theme is easily the most prominent in the literary and religious world of bengal

apocope or not, a flexible feature of vowel epenthesis in compound words on which poets frequently rely for metrical purposes

scribal inconsistency was the norm

winsomeness as lotus-faced or moon-faced

hanuman - the great monkey god, general of lord ram's army, and construction genius

gaji..of the persian ghazi, warrior-saint

baoyali, in this early modern text, the traditional class of timber-cutters, haulers of wood, and sometimes collectors of honey unique to the sundarbans.  the term can also signify the individual who accompanies a work gang to help ward off tigers

 do not mangle or rip their bodies to shreds, for
i will later restore the lives of those six men

a traditional bengali saying that sons can be replaced, but not brothers

he grabbed his son by the hair.  "i fathom nothing at all," he cried out, "while you alone lord understand the reason for everything."  with one swift slashing cut, he severed his son's torso in two

the lord of the tidelands dispensed his boons

babies are attracted to the moon, reach up to grab it, and are consequently frustrated because what they desire remains out of their reach

i had just eaten one nobody of a salt worker, when in a rage three streaks of twenty tigers each came roaring after me

kavi krsnaram observes that there was great method in his madness

the summons for his own tigers he roared,
as he twirled the ends of his mustache

"showing them the banana" (dekhaiya kala), which evokes the image of the backside of a tiger fleeing with tail upraised, expresses disdain.  figuratively, the idiom has the sense of "quickly giving them the slip," but conveys defiance, like "giving someone the finger"

are you really such an ignoramus that you can only spew deprecations from your pumpkin chariot?

an iraqi horse is no match for a tiger

with mind fixed on the lotus feet of ray
krsnaram kavi has composed this in the pacali meter

chewing her betel quid with great gusto

and so the merchant sat at the side of the king and offered appropriate encomia to his feet

smolder in viraha, the exquisite agony of love in separation that has occupied poets and mystics in bengal for centuries

bestow upon me a float of crocodiles

niranjan - god, the "stainless"

iuchuph - the biblical joseph

rahu - the cause of the moon's eclipse; an asura who sips the nectar of immortality only to have his neck severed by visno before it can trickle into his body, so his head remains immortal, periodically swallowing the moon, which momentarily obscures it, until it emerges from his throat

padmavati, or manasa, goddess of serpents

the chief physician checked her pulse and then gave his diagnosis: "i have determined beyond doubt, it is the madness of love"

in sonapur, the city of gold.  listen attentively, all of you discriminating connoisseurs of love, to a vivid description

the items necessary for performing puja worship.  lamps, parched rice, aromatic incense, ripe bananas, sugar, sandalwood paste, vermillion, flowers

kalu saha is imprisoned and gaji summons all the tigers

you dye your staff yellow with turmeric and call it gold

this rogue wants to kill me by stopping me from pissing

my wife has told me that she is pregnant and is especially craving ram's testicles

let's just give those two best of twice-born a real taste of our balls

with ear-splitting roars the tigers bounded about,
leaping as if they were monkey hordes laying siege
to lanka

 if you do not equip me with the crocodiles, mother, then i have little choice but to commit suicide right now, right before your eyes, making you responsible

to commit suicide in front of someone or on the stoop of their house confers responsibility on that individual, which generates an inescapable blame and social opprobrium that is impossible to counter

they quite lost their minds, ensorcelled by his irresistible glamour

what kind of phakir keeps a woman for company?

the rhizome of the turmeric is ground for the spice

connotations of wanton behavior..used despectively

raised by the deer and the other animals of the jungle

the prophet, being of exemplary nature, listened from his tomb

who is able to fathom alla's drama?

throngs of demons and spirits to harvest the honey and beeswax

the place where he jettisoned the honey into the ganga from that moment on became known as the madhukhali - the "honey channel"

the oath to "eat someone's head," invariably that of someone who is dear to the speaker, is perhaps the strongest promise one can make because of the perceived danger to the person named; it is the most serious of guarantees or promises

he kissed her feet

we shall feed him to those selfsame serpents

hungry ghosts..floated the logs, miraculously driving the cut boles upstream against the strong currents of the low-lying regions

polemical literature, where women are blamed for everything from storms and earthquakes, pestilence and crop-failure, to corrupting men through their physical charms

a translator's delight

singing the name of ram in sweet song from all five of his mouths

i will pour one hundred pots of ghee and one hundred pots of honey over your head

i shall collect the blood of buffaloes and rams and offer it in a skull, if you would but ensure the king's virgin daughter places the garland on me

the groom and virgin bride then blissfully repaired to the flower-room, where the two engaged in games of dice with spirited intimacy

minanath, the adi or original guru of the naths, hid in the womb of a fish that hovered underneath the boat in the middle of the ocean of milk where siv had taken his wife, gauri, to be absolutely alone in order to explain the secret of immortality, a conversation spurred by gauri's discovery that siv's garland of skulls were all her own skulls from previous lives.  because she was not immortal, she had repeatedly been reborn

this lapwing will feign a broken wing, dragging it around, in order to distract predators from its nest

the qur'anic story of al-khidr..a master of esoteric knowledge enlisted by alla to prick the prophet musa's ego and curb his impatience and hubris

those men, without exception, are destined to die and enter the grave.
why do those people build such towering mansions
and live in such grandeur, oblivious of looming death?

never let anger crease your face