this week i

published on those eligible for but not enrolled in medicaid and budgets of medicare households.  at jpsm small area estimation session, david newhouse presented population predictions from satellites worse than mexico's 2020 census but better than lebanon's from 1932.  kelly surprised me

saw 27 club basquiat in radiant childyou've got to realize that influence is not influence.  it's simply someone's idea going through my new mind

noted injured cardinal immobile between two-way traffic, inside thick yellow road lines like switzerland.  kristina speaks in simile the most fluently

have two guns, ruffles has four.  is appalachian trail east coast appian way?   matthew painted siding, mr. biggs cheered you look like michelangelo

do you think we can fit the whole family with the canoe?
i mean it's going to be a clown car
you're in it so that was implied
this is the most ridgy ridge i've walked on
 you know who looks like [culkin as] richie rich?  your nephew
for posterity can you add that i think you're an idiot
ruffles is looking at me and thinking, 'why are you having trouble with that rocky patch?  your center of gravity is closer to mine than it is to his'


read florilegium: the book of plants by basilius besler (and other plate illuminators)

the work is divided into four seasons

often shows the same species of plant in various stages of development

well known in the bible as a symbol of infinity (7 x 7)

a purple crocus.."permanence through change"

even 100 fumbling bookbinders could not collate this book

the coloured edition cost..roughly the same as a small house in nuremberg or munich

a dedication to empress josephine

"herbs" and "plants of the earth" are solely for human use, "initially admittedly partly and particularly for food, partly for pleasure, but subsequently, after the fall of man, also for clothing and medicine"

a leap year, the biblical year of grace


cranesbill preparations were a good remedy for melancholy

 planted to deter voles

the fire lily can sometimes be found in pictures of the last judgment as a symbol of cleansing fire

having no chlorophyll itself, the brown broomrape..lives as a parasite on the roots of other plants.  the plant was not important in human medicine, but was used empirically in veterinary medicine as an aphrodisiac for cattle

stink-hundskamille (stinking dog chamomile)

the saffron symbol of quality assurance

the globe daisy..a small member of the compositae family with a distinctive spherical flowerhead, also prefers stony soil

good for treating wounds and also umbilical hernias

the exceptionally large flower of the sunflower..came to germany from central and south america in the second half of the 16th century

still a popular ornamental plant today because of its whorled flowers

creams to make witches fly

jageteufel (chase the devil)

goethe regularly drank arnica tea as a cardiac tonic

seen as a warning against conspicuous consumption, which inevitably led to the soul being burnt in hell

the leaves were processed to make asthma cigarettes