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drew alternate universe samson and delilah by peter paul rubens, her thwarting the barbers at the gate coining a parallel idiom in that dimension

drew archangel gabriel at 2010 world cup, adoration of the musketeers: a bar is born, reports of my asexual reproduction are greatly exaggerated

read mudlark'd by malcolm russell.  riverbed findings from the era when dental anesthesia was a dude in a clown suit

opposite.  hairpin.  ad 150-400 found at city of london by the author

a wax and silver fir writing tablet found near the river walbrook, a thames tributary, records the sale of a gaulish female named fortunata

the east india company..what historian william dalrymple aptly termed 'the supreme act of corporate violence in world history'

coiners [counterfeiters], the slang term for whom was 'bit-faker'

a 'palmer' - a professional pilgrim who could be paid to travel on behalf of another


 rosary bead..memento mori


over the next five months, the frail septuagenarian made perhaps one hundred and seventy trips to hammersmith bridge under the cover of darkness, casting more than a tonne of type from that bridge

between 1400 and 1835, there were twenty-four recorded winters when the thames froze over

buffalo bill's wild west show in london for queen victoria in 1887 as part of the golden jubilee

the ojibwe..supposed that men wearing sandwich boards were doing so as a form of punishment


selina young is shown crossing the thames..1861

she gave away her jumping accessories..and settled into full-time work at her aunt's feather emporium

consul fabius maximus was given the nickname 'jupiter's chick' after being struck by lightning on his buttocks

in a case of drowning in 1746, it was suggested a pipe be inserted into the victim's rectum and smoke blown into her body to help revive her.  the woman was indeed revived, and equipment for administering tobacco smoke enemas was later deployed along the thames

the romans officially prohibited the wagering of money on games of chance, such as those played with dice.  the only exception was supposed to be during the saturnalia festival

an itinerant tooth-drawer on a public stage at a country market or fair, extracting a patient's tooth, while his assistant in a clown's costume provides entertainment and distraction

a fashionable dentist's practice in which healthy teeth are being extracted from poor children and inserted into the jaws of the wealthy