this week i

read about 35-year-old lina khanjon stewart's interview also features her brilliance.  an ancestral misstep: one can have arms or wings but not both

in her spacious washington office lined with 1920s political cartoons

concentration of corporate power can in some instances be deeply antithetical to liberty

some of her backers have speculated that if trump wins this year's election, he could reappoint her

the agency she saw as the "tip of the spear" for economic justice

unlike some young leftists these days, khan and her fellow antitrust travelers aren't socialists

wrote as i hear the mostly-paired syllables.  these next forty maybe wildest stretch since durer painted woaer half a thousand years ago

could not fit "outlook not so good" nor "not bloody likely" into clairvoyant triangle real estate of the scalp.  before i was bald, i was magic 8-balled

might call poison control if i realized that i had swallowed this.  garry kasparov often says, i believe in coincidences, but i also believe in the kgb
drew anthropomorphic facepalms, a stretch for fish, not advised for cact-eyes.  hannes cautioned 42kb parquet file might contain four compressed petabytes.  dr. lumley highlighted only with a factor variable, can you distinguish "this is not a level" from "this is a level but we don't have any"

unprompted by fails,
shame trails, or droll quips
the cosmic facepalm
a solar eclipse


drew fridge train magnet and door to door solicitor wins interest of one human and six cats.  uni-ball 207 mechanical pencil on recicle filibook

laid over in lisbon, malo dental roadside loiterers drinking breakfast.  would poe's raven perch on rembrandt's pallas?  in demon dreams, perchance

stared at pepper no. 30 for a moment like hisham matar in front of siena d&g caravaggio.  surname ferreira signifies smith, cristo rei imperial decline


read of love and other demons by gabriel garcia marquez, an eclipse in there too

her hair, which had never been cut

the animal contracted rabies during the naval siege by the english, bit its owner on the face, and escaped to the nearby hills.  the unfortunate man was clubbed to death while suffering fearful hallucinations, which mothers still sang about many years later in popular ballads meant to frighten children

the courage to poison the food of their rabid kin in order to spare them a ghastly death

 don't just stand there like a corpse

 "horses frighten me as much as chickens do," he said.
"that is too bad, because lack of communication with horses has impeded human progress," said abrenuncio.  "if we ever broke down the barriers, we could produce the centaur"

the curative harp

"i am not talking to you," said abrenuncio.  "i think in low latin"

she arrived from spain with the disassembled parts of a clavichord, which she put together herself

inspired by the lyricism of the holy spirit

the hands of an artist and the ear of an artilleryman

dona olalla was struck down by lightning..when he returned from the cemetery, he was surprised by a storm of little paper birds falling like snow on the orange trees in the orchard.  he caught one of them, unfolded it, and read: that lightning bolt was mine

nostalgia for what had never been

hurried, heartless siesta love in the evangelical shade of the orange trees.  the madwomen encouraged them from the terraces with indecent songs, and celebrated their triumphs with stadium ovations

with judas she learned to chew tobacco and coca leaves mixed with ashes of the yarumo tree, like the indians in the sierra nevada.  in the taverns she experimented with cannabis from india, turpentine from cyprus, peyote from real de catorce, and at least once, opium from the nao of china brought by filipino traffickers

pickled iguana and armadillo stew

from san lazaro hill they observed the fatal swamps to the east, and to the west the enormous red sun as it sank into a flaming sea.  she asked what was on the other side of the ocean, and he replied: "the world"

a portuguese jew expelled from the peninsula..resurrected a tailor in the district of getsemani

hundred-year-old horses are not the work of god

the ocean, always in its place

he adjusted the mosquito netting so the bats would not drain her blood

the last memory he had of sierva maria was her crossing the gallery in the garden, dragging her painful foot, and disappearing into the pavilion of those interred in life

she played diabolo with the adults in the kitchen and the children in the courtyard, and won every game.  she sang in yoruban, congolese, and mandingo, and even those who did not understand listened to her, enthralled.  for lunch she ate a dish of the goat's eyes and testicles cooked in lard and seasoned with burning spices

maritime charts, an astrolabe and other navigational instruments, and a globe of the earth with additions and emendations that successive cartographers had made by hand as the size of the world increased

"for you was i born, for you do i have life, for you i will die, for you am i now dying."  sierva maria smiled without looking at him.  he closed his eyes to be sure she was not an illusion of the shadows.  when he opened them the vision had disappeared, but the library was saturated with the scent of her gardenias

all the stars came out at the same time

 the nun in his service bought a candle and several pieces of smoked glass for looking at the sun.  the bishop sat up in the hammock and began to observe the eclipse through the glass

the counterfeit night

she stood on a cloud surrounded by a court of submissive demons

i've seen snow

in the orchard, wearing his saracen djellaba and toledo cap, the marquis was taking his siesta in the hammock, his entire body covered in orange blossoms

voltaire in latin is almost a heresy

it is the demon, father..the most terrible one of all

the burlap tunic worn by those who nursed lepers

"whoever you may be," he shouted.  "i command you in the name of christ, lord god of all that is visible and invisible, of all that is, was, and will be, to abandon this body redeemed by baptism, and return to darkness"..the bishop took a deep breath and opened his mouth again to continue the exorcism, but the air died inside his chest and he could not expel it

if you bit your tongue you would poison yourself

grapes that grew back as soon as she ate them