this week i

drove to blackwater national wildlife refuge for screwpile lighthouse, great egret, osprey.  my name backwards fun to say: ocimad hpesoj ynohtna

defended by a bush, and not the flaming sort

let me get a photo of anthony not paddling, it's not that hard

this is your inheritance..unless you choose to bury me in it

there's a high variance of interest in eagles in this boat

attended state of happiness 2024, bhutan not mentioned once, the onion on the case, chris murphy wants to help you find friends

 enthusiasm for banning social media is much higher than banning guns

 if finland is the happiest country, then i feel sorry for all the others

finland, where they have six months of winter

don't eat your lunch alone day

an ideological bouillabaisse

the average tiktok consumer uses one hour and forty two minutes per day

one in four people almost never unplug

having someone to count on in times of need is a major factor

poverty is dangerous

is there anything the world can learn from iceland?

the restaurant of mistaken orders in japan

there is a decreasing uniqueness of local place..the culture has flattened

happiness is a function of relative deprivation


ate a late-night avocado with the relish of the wolf eating the sheep still clothed in its skin.  this recipe intentionally too many onions

hold my nose then name that game: myriad metaphors of holey whac-a-mole.  crazy straw apotheosis as rube goldberg machine in sistine nine panels

read call it delmarvalous: how to talk, cook, and "feel to hum" on "thisseer" delmarva peninsula by virginia tanzer

drownded: to a peninsulan, the extra syllable adds emphasis to this sorry state

frenz: plural of fren

the blue crab is gustatory king

oysters have two hearts, the accessory one agitating the blood in the mantle

an oyster can live to be 100 years old

whelks (marine snails) drill holes through clam shells to feed on the animals inside.  gulls drop clams on hard surfaces to break the shells and extract the meat.  some gastropods (univalves) have convenient gizzards that grind up the clam shell, so they consume the whole clam.  some fish eat bivalves.  crabs like them.  walruses feed on clams, and are said to dig them up with their tusks.  one kind of gastropod grabs a clam by the foot (yes, clams have a foot, that's how they get around), then uses a spine to force open the clam shell.  and, of course, there's man, who has dredged, dug, raked, and dived for clams.  man has eaten them, made money (wampum) from them, extracted pearls and mother of pearl from them, and even made buttons from them.  he has used clam shells for cooking, for ashtrays, and for lining garden paths.  large ones make handsome bird baths

henry iv had promised the same thing in the 16th century.  "if god grants me the usual length of life, i hope to make france so prosperous that every peasant will have a chicken in his pot on sunday"

cochin fowls were presented to the young queen victoria..the mammoth brahma weighing 12 pounds; the tiny bantam weighing 20 ounces; the brilliantly spangled hamburg, or the sombre orpington

a hen is only an egg's way of making another egg.  and don't forget that no matter how clever you are, you can never unscramble an egg

after cutting up chicken, sprinkle it with the msg and pepper

manna from delmarva

the onion eater and his brother,
though inoffensive to each other,
are by their diet alienated
from those who've not participated

don't you wish you'd been there?