this week i

saw modern symrna, kissing under calderesque sculpture, literature festival at the culture park.  i drew cobwebbed volumes of past, present, future

sometimes write in italics, it's my heritage after all 🤌 with a time machine, i'd detour harambe's bullet for hitler, recruit luddites to smash the llms

like cain and abel, caesar and brutus, jesus and judas, backstabbers do this -lauryn hill

mama's little baby loves rhubarb, rhubarb, bebopareebop rhubarb pie -garrison keillor

and there sat sam looking cool and calm in the heart of the furnace roar -robert service

i must obey the inscrutable exhortations of my soul -bill watterson

doctors managed to reset her jaw more or less.  saved one of her eyes.  his pulse never got above 85, even when he ate her tongue  -anthony heald

why horace vandergelder, as i live and breathe, if you aren't handsome in that outfit -barbara streisand

you have nothing, nothing to threaten me with -heath ledger

the sport of the cowboy a pastime divine / for what other rancher can herd the feline -me stessa


re-dreamed dali's pomegranate bee as eaten by pitch (and it's a yo-yo), detroit or delhi.  then glitter beetles, usb-powered flower, unwaving cat


combined orange countdown clock, orange vertigo, fifteen minutes of famethe peasants . . . just got left behind by the changing technology


worry more of entrusting incompetent artificial intelligence to critical tasks than about its domination of we who know better.  saviano an i.p. lawyer now, chomsky calls it the banality of evil: plagiarism and apathy and obviation.  hear me, barons in your fortalezas (i believe that's portuguese for little farts): heed the vhs fbi warning, and cite your sources!  otherwise you're more parasitic than any retail thief.  why not rebuild babel instead?


predict exoduses, but to where?  will any river delta survive sea level rise?  bengal becomes atlantis, dhaka loses its ending vowel.  are miami & venice our sodom & gomorrah?  are we in the period of late modernity?  would the baptism of lucifer boil away these seven seas?  not great wall but there is one man-made monument visible from the moon: one century of earthrise, how many more till it's that orange you smiling corporate logo?


theorize conspiracy: oligarchs care not of space, they seed the science of survival not to populate multi-planetary terrain, merely to shepherd doomsday dromedary through needle eye of ecological collapse.  billionaires fund hostile environments habitation research not for mars but for earth

read the uninhabitable earth by david wallace-wells

the public does not appreciate the scale of climate risk..we have not spent enough time contemplating the scarier half of the distribution curve of possibilities

the great ice sheets of greenland and antarctica

most people talk as if miami and bangladesh still have a chance of surviving; most of the scientists i spoke with assume we'll lose them within the century, even if we stop burning fossil fuel in the next decade.  peter ward told me bangladesh is "doomed": "the worst place on earth has to be bangladesh"

where are those people going to go?

you probably read in your high-school textbooks that these extinctions were the result of asteroids.  in fact, all but the one that killed the dinosaurs were caused by climate change produced by greenhouse gas

the current rate of increase in global warming is roughly the same as detonating 400,000 hiroshima bombs per day, 365 days per year

heat stress in new york city would exceed that of present-day bahrain

the hajj will become physically impossible

in the sugarcane region of el salvador, as much as one-fifth of the population has chronic kidney disease, including over a quarter of men; the presumed result of dehydration from working the fields they were able to comfortably harvest as recently as two decades ago

the basic rule for staple cereal crops grown at optimal temperature is that for every degree of warming, yields decline by 10 percent

ice a climate ledger

left out like egg salad in the arctic sun

global warming will scramble..ecosystems and help disease trespass..limits as surely as cortes did

our lungs need oxygen, but that is only a fraction of what we breathe.  the fraction of carbon dioxide is growing: it just crossed 400 parts per million, and high-end estimates extrapolating from current trends suggest it will hit 1,000 ppm by 2010.  at that concentration, compared to the air we breathe now, human cognitive ability declines by 21 percent

the amazon alone provides 20 percent of our oxygen

the chinese "airpocalypse" of 2013..that year, smog was responsible for a third of all deaths in the country

in romeo and juliet..'we should go inside.  it's hot out.  we're gonna get pissed off and things are gonna go badly'

west antarctic collapses..drop a ceramic coffee cup on the floor.  do we understand fracture?  sure.  can you accurately predict what one coffee cup will do when you drop it on the floor?  maybe not

our present eerieness cannot last

'where were you when the berlin wall fell?' or 'where were you on 9/11?'" he writes.  "will it ever be possible to ask, in the same vein,'where were you at 400 ppm?' or 'where were you when the larsen b ice shelf broke up?'

climate anxiety

hail rocks will quadruple in size

what the victorian anthropologists identified as "dreamtime," or "everywhen" out-of-time past, when ancestors, heroes, and demigods crowded an epic stage.  you can find it already watching footage of an iceberg collapsing into the sea - a feeling of history happening all at once

the industrial world's kamikaze mission