this week i

alighted.  how'd i look post-skydive suited, towing deployed parachute around town in a radio flyer?  my air companion more superhero cape-worthy

learned reptiles possess umbilical cords at hunterian.  glass-blower mollie surman's prosthetics, churchill's dentures.  gorilla crab inspired krab kong


visited for collier's darwin, also saw raleigh, drake, watt, diallo, franklin ($100), bard (only one from life), singh, conrad, kipling, nightengale, goodall


view jon stewart's omniscience: isn't that how brittney griner ended up in russia?  she was playing overseas because it doesn't make the money.  idk, he makes me lol.  meanwhile, megacorps sans internet: desktop outlook + android gcal both piss pants, pass out.  "ugh. users." -every compsci grad


wonder which map projection fits best on peacock plumage?  beautiful miscellany at the v&a, plus one from my airbnb's bathroom, and one of u&me


estimated ww sustainable population mountain (assuming zero space colonization, 2.1 births per woman).  mt. fuji's the most famous trapezoid tho