this week i

ate great before der blaue reiter at the tate, greenwich maritime, both courtald's van goghs.  napoleon's horse's bones, i saw those alone

read ft's interview with lloyd's of london chief john neal.  how long until we call the uninsured the self-insured?  and how's my peppermint cobra?

a pretty easy going person for someone whose job depends on calculating the probability of disaster

we discuss the bizarre fact that multimillion-dollar condos continue to be built and bought in the middle of miami flood zones

"you'll never find an insurer saying, 'i don't believe in climate change'"


want to experience zero gravity, but not an astronaut by profession?  go for a swim!  lwt s11e14: and i know i talk a lot on this show about the bad stuff that ronald reagan did, so to balance that out i do want to mention something positive he did for the planet, and this is true: in 2004, he died


visited national gallery for caravaggio's martyrdom of saint ursula but since here happy to re-see rembrandt's belshazzar's feast, rubens' samson and delilah.  despite polite exchange with curator eighteen months back, skull still not viewable obliquely without setting off rope-crosser museum alarm

passed baton to erin, kelly at marylebone's venice's relay.  in town for horse races & all things swift, we dined on steak & fries, sticky toffee pudding