this week i

updated our estimates of medicaid expansion impact to account for the pandemic.  oklahoma votes to expand

worked wednesday.  david completed the lamaze lake como crossword with grilled (hardboiled) eggs, avocado toast, romanian wine

grow suspicious of the sudden turn in attitude on trump's re-election prospects.  blaring indictment against americans that grill supplies not sold out

cooked breakfast for an audience of one.  would it be weird to make my phone's ringtone just a recording of me saying my own name?

vote grapes the most versatile of the fruits.  every second language i have tried to learn, i have spoken hilariously

cannot write down the simpsons' nelson's "haha" in a way that retains the higher-pitch-ha lower-pitch-ha sounds.  the pitch changes the meaning from "laughing with" to "laughing at" the latin alphabet loses this nuance, would other writing systems retain it?

evened the chess score but excited to lose at basketball to mr puffy knee.  don't usually care for bob dylan, maybe i'll like him more after he's dead

caught lumley's assistance on singleton psus.  thank you.  and read michelangelo's ninety years

mature masters like michelangelo remind us that the urge to create has nothing to do with age or lack of it, but rather with that inventive spirit both he and vasari called ingegno-inborn wit, cleverness, genius.  the spirit often manifests young, but like wine and wood, it depends on age to reveal its full complexity.  when michelangelo turned seventy..he had nineteen more years to live, every one of them spent at work


this week i

updated our working medicaid beneficiary statistics with an eye on the pandemic

titled each of the dozen appearances.  "i had no idea you were such a little weirdo"
  • young mother sewing: please disregard the wedding band
  • self-portrait with bandaged ear: how the hell do i wear this n95 without an ear??
  • rhino: woolly rhino.  let's not do stegosaurus
  • rafiki: you missed a spot.
  • nemo: asked for nemo, got oompa loompa
  • benjamin franklin holding vcr: one day in the far far future, humans will no longer recognize the anachronism of benjamin franklin holding a vcr, like today normal people have difficulty distinguishing ancient from ptolemaic egypt
  • gorbachev: it looks like he had it removed in 2009 to prevent cancer
  • rat maze: come get the cheese
  • braided rat tail: are you going to mail this to miguel?
  • the scream: munch among the munks (lots of chipmunks in the backyard)
  • isaiah zagar: wow south philly weed is strong
  • the girl with the pearl earring: duh girl with duh pearl earring

finished the deuce.  lori madison's end the hardest part

find it minor league amazing my father still dreams.  woke him last thursday, he asked for an ashtray to extinguish his cigarette

expect the next major scientific discoveries to be brute force computations.  for example, the night sky scanning search for planet nine

wonder how often humans confuse consciousness with just vision

found the new york city department of health recommending gloryholes

read king leopold's ghost

given stanley's boasts about shooting anyone who got in his way, general william tecumseh sherman met the explorer for breakfast in paris and likened stanley's trip to his own scorched-earth march to the sea

"i am very busy here going through the indies archives and calculating the profit which spain made then and makes now out of her colonies."  the man whose future empire would be intertwined with the twentieth-century multinational corporation began by studying the records of conquistadors

in the book he later wrote about this expedition, through the dark continent, stanley followed several rules he would use in books to come: stretch the account to two volumes (a total of 960 pages in this case); use "dark" in the title (in darkest africa and my dark companions and their strange stories would follow); and employ every possible medium for telling the story.  there are before-and-after photographs of the author showing his hair turned white by the journey; "extracts from my diary" (when compared with stanley's actual journal, they turn out to be nothing of the sort); an elaborate foldout map marked with the route of the trip; more than a hundred drawings - of battles, dramatic meetings, a canoe being sucked into a whirlpool; floor plans of african houses; street plans of villages; lists of supplies.  a cornucopia of diagrams shows everything from the lineages of african kings to the shapes of different canoe paddles.  stanley shrewdly sensed that his readers' ignorance of africa would make them all the more fascinated by endless mundane details, such as a chart of prices showing that a chicken cost one bead necklace at abaddi, while six chickens cost twelve yards of cloth in ugogo.  readers got their money's worth.  pre-electronic though they were, stanley's books were multimedia productions

to read stanley today is to see how much his traveling was an act of appropriation.  he is forever measuring and tabulating things: temperature, miles traveled, lake depths, latitude, longitude, and altitude (which he calculated by measuring the temperature at which water boiled).  specially trusted porters carried fragile loads of thermometers, barometers, watches, compasses, and pedometers.  it is almost as if he were a surveyor, mapping the continent he crossed for its prospective owners

among his zanzibari soldiers there was a swahili saying: bunduki sultani ya bara bara (the gun is the sultan of the hinterland)

if a group of pygmies, for instance, killed an elephant, that site became a temporary settlement for a week or two of feasting, since it was easier to move a village than a dead elephant

sanford and morgan hit it off splendidly, and morgan, too, began receiving crates of florida oranges..knowing how carefully president arthur's republicans listened to business, sanford got the new york city chamber of commerce to pass a resolution endorsing u.s. recognition of leopold's association.  favorable accounts of the king's philanthropic work began appearing in major american newspapers, stimulated, in the fashion of the day, by quiet payments from sanford.  sanford's multilayered campaign was probably the most sophisticated piece of washington lobbying on behalf of a foreign ruler in the nineteenth century, and on april 22, 1884, it bore fruit.  the secretary of state declared that the united states of america recognized king leopold ii's claim to the congo.  it was the first country to do so

in writing the history of powerless people, drawing on conventional, published sources is far from enough

the bulk of chicotte blows were inflicted by africans on the bodies of other africans.  this, for the conquerers, served a further purpose.  it created a class of foremen from among the conquered, like the kapos in the nazi concentration camps and the predurki, or trusties, in the soviet gulag

kipling wrote: ship me somewhere east of suez,//where the best is like the worst,//where there aren't no ten commandments,//an' a man can raise a thirst.

reading the king's correspondence is like reading the letters of the ceo of a corporation that has just developed a profitable new product and is racing to take advantage of it before competitors can get their assembly lines going

the reptile congophile press of brussels and antwerp

"in these twenty years i have spent millions to keep the press of the two hemispheres quiet, and still these leaks keep occurring," says twain's exasperated king, who rages against "the incorruptible kodak....the only witness i have encountered in my long experience that i couldn't bribe"

listen to the yell of leopold's ghost//burning in hell for his hand-maimed host.//hear how the demons chuckle and yell//cutting his hands off, down in hell.

the midsummer day seemed particularly warm, and the two men went to an open window to talk.  stinglhamber sat down on a radiator, then jumped to his feet: it was burning hot.  when the men summoned the janitor for an explanation, he replied, "sorry, but they're burning the state archives."  the furnaces burned for eight days, turning most of the congo state records to ash and smoke in the sky over brussels.  "i will give them my congo," leopold told stinglhamber, "but they have no right to know what i did there."


this week i

have better friends than i deserve.  asked for nemo and got oompa loompa.  "you look like you escaped from an insane asylum during a haircut"


this week i

planned out clipping stages with laura

held the shuttlecock in the air twenty two times, pauses in the action for the other birdies

identified a catbird while suburban living.  old bay seasoned shrimp, sushi rice without a steamer, the-cheese-that-grills halloumi, curtis' coffee roast

read mere christianity by c.s. lewis thinking about lorraine hansberry's beneatha younger's "the human race achieves through its own stubborn effort"

first, that human beings, all over the earth, have this curious idea that they ought to behave in a certain way, and cannot really get rid of it.  secondly, that they do not in fact behave in that way

enemy-occupied territory-that is what this world is.  christianity is the story of how the rightful king has landed, you might say landed in disguise, and is calling us all to take part in a great campaign of sabotage.  when you go to church you are really listening-in to the secret wireless from our friends: that is why the enemy is so anxious to prevent us from going

that is not how christianity works.  when it tells you to feed the hungry it does not give you lessons in cookery.  when it tells you to read the scriptures it does not give you lessons in hebrew and greek, or even in english grammar.  it was never intended to replace or supersede the ordinary human arts and sciences: it is rather a director which will set them all to the right jobs, and a source of energy which will give them all new life, if only they will put themselves at its disposal

starving men may think much about food, but so do gluttons; the gorged, as well as the famished, like titillations

we learn, on the one hand, that we cannot trust ourselves even in our best moments, and, on the other, that we need not despair even in our worst, for our failures are forgiven.  the only fatal thing is to sit down content with anything less than perfection

unchastity, anger, greed, drunkenness, and all that, are mere fleabites in comparison: it was through pride that the devil became the devil: pride leads to every other vice: it is the complete anti-god state of mind

so that when we talk of a man doing anything for god or giving anything to god, i will tell you what it is really like.  it is like a small child going to its father and saying, 'daddy, give me sixpence to buy you a birthday present'

almost certainly god is not time..he has all eternity in which to listen to the split second of prayer put up by a pilot as his plane crashes in flames

we must go on to recognize the real giver.  it is madness not to.  because, if we do not, we shall be relying on human beings.  and that is going to let us down.  the best of them will make mistakes; all of them will die.  we must be thankful to all the people who have helped us, we must honor them and love them.  but never, never pin your whole faith on any human being: not if he is the best and wisest in the whole world


this week i

note the last person to receive a civil war pension outlived george floyd.  when crowds pull down monuments, do they shout stela like brando?

hiked near baltimore before west coast tenure track.  one family drank corona by the riverside.  gardeners of this planet, maybe nothing else

grilled out back.  failed nest in the wisteria.  properly seasoned tuna steak pairs well with anything, as does jollof rice

eat once a day some days.  "i used to be a cop.  now i smoke pot"  old sicilian at the beginning of the godfather part two, pizano knew how to nap

discovered a community photographing first broken bones, internet commenters who've never broken a bone trash-talk the injured person


this week i

found our work cited by the new york times front page memorial day.  at 4:07, judy woodruff asks nancy pelosi to respond

grilled, melted gouda over baguettes, who knew you could microwave bacon.  embarrassed after calling chinese restaurant to hear my father had received, placed take-out in fridge without alerting anyone.  no spaghetti sauce at captain's market on macarthur near lock ten and swainson island.  lolade politely asked to take down the crucifix.  during my adolescent baseball years, teammates named my father's fake wood paneled minivan the roccomobile.  today someone spray-painted 3s into 8s on the speed limit signs all around town.  liz verified my math: vanilla cupcakes >= cupcakes

repaired the outdoors


when the poor of oran take to the streets under the banner 'bread or air', their demonstrations are met with instant and brutal suppression.  camus is crying injustice

there were only 19 ventilators in his province..i think this pandemic is untreatable in balochistan

this model has four parameters: 13, the average number of contacts per person per day; 3 per cent, the probability that a contact will lead to transmission; 15 per cent, the rate at which people recover; and 10,000, the size of the population

even in the ordinary course of a court's business, it rarely has sufficient facts to make such refined calculations.  now, given the need to resolve these motions rapidly, a court almost never has enough information to make even informed speculations about such matters before being obliged to rule

for example, is a prisoner who is generally in good health but seeking release because he is seventy-five years old in greater or lesser danger from the coronavirus than a sixty-year-old prisoner who suffers from diabetes?  and if the former is at greater risk, does it follow that all seventy-five-year-old prisoners should be forthwith released, even if they have been convicted of very different crimes and have substantially different amounts of time left to serve on their sentences?
these are just a tiny fraction of the conundrums confronting judges in ruling on these pandemic-related motions for release.  what they have in common is that the judges must make a large number of speculations on a very limited factual basis, and they must make them fast.  it is a challenge, and one with potentially fatal consequences if a judge guesses wrong

that so many judges have had to rule on more-or-less identical problems of such immediate practical importance with only limited guidance from precedent is, to say the least, unusual


this week i

took a few photos of my father.  mr. henna tail made an appearance.  we on the american east coast never unlatch our front windows

wonder when the first politician will propose some humans need to die?  if the planet collapses all at once (we all run out of oxygen at the same moment), then sentient life goes quickly except for a few bubbles hidden under the earth.  the richest among us may soon build biospheres.  perhaps they're researching life on mars so humans understand the basics of a moon colony enough to build one here on our scorched earth

fully understand: when clicking around inside a telephone or computer application, fingerprints recorded and viewed

use schedule send after business hours if possible.  8am next business day please

read dubliners..

her name was like a summons to all my foolish blood

her eyes, which were grey with a shade of green through them, had a habit of glancing upwards when she spoke with anyone, which made her look like a little perverse madonna

mr duffy abhorred anything which betokened physical or mental disorder.  a mediaeval doctor would have called him saturnine.  his face, which carried the entire tale of his years, was of the brown tint of dublin streets.  on his long and rather large head grew dry black hair and a tawny moustache did not quite cover an unamiable mouth.  his cheekbones also gave his face a harsh character; but there was no harshness in the eyes which, looking at the world from under their tawny eyebrows, gave the impression of a man ever alert to greet a redeeming instinct in others but often disappointed.  he lived at a little distance from his body, regarding his own acts with doubtful side-glances.  he had an odd autobiographical habit which led him to compose in his mind from time to time a short sentence about himself containing a subject in the third person and a predicate in the past tense.  he never gave alms to beggars and walked firmly, carrying a stout hazel

"i haven't seen any committee," said mrs. kearney angrily
"my daughter has her contract.  she will get four pounds eight into her hand or a foot she won't put on that platform."
"i'm surprised at you, mrs. kearney," said mr. holohan.  "i never thought you would treat us this way."
"and what way did you treat me?" asked mrs. kearney.
her face was inundated with an angry colour and she looked as if she would attack someone with her hands.
"i'm asking for my rights," she said.
"you might have some sense of decency," said mr. holohan.
"might i, indeed?...and when i ask when my daughter is going to be paid i can't get a civil answer."
she tossed her head and assumed a haughty voice:
"you must speak to the secretary.  it's not my business.  i'm a great follow fol-the-diddle-i-do."

gabriel tried to cover his agitation by taking part in the dance with great energy.  he avoided her eyes for he had seen a sour expression on her face.  but when they met in the long chain he was surprised to feel his hand firmly pressed.  she looked at him from under her brows for a moment quizzically until he smiled.  then, just as the chain was about to start again, she stood on tiptoe and whispered into his ear: "west briton!"


this week i

published our estimates of how many americans losing health insurance due to covid-19 job losses eligible for safety net programs.  npr summary

published on the distribution of hospital covid-19 provider relief.  nyt summary (last paragraph)  so can we stop saying "go viral" now?

write down ideas immediately after they occur.  speaking with family on the telephone one of the most intimate things someone can do with you

cooked some breakfast


this week i

discussed sun projectile launches with curtis.  the earth and other planets all circle our star, moving quickly relative to it.  launching a projectile directly at the sun requires countering the force of this planet's momentum with rocket fuel.  launching a projectile toward other planets, also circling the sun with similarly-directioned momentum, costs far less fuel.  the most fuel-efficient path to hit the sun with a projectile from earth involves exiting our solar system, then re-directing with (less) thrust after traveling enough distance for the force of the sun's gravity to weaken

learned she's a mother from jane.  apparently a her, adolescent squirrels spotted following up and down the nearby trees

wrap it up.  a may cascade of parental expression of disagreement with too darn hot

touch cook one minute.  google knows a growing share of everything that i have ever spoken or typed but i'll keep 'em guessing my favorite flavor

get nervous touching the system.  behaves the same till it does not


x <- tibble( a = 1 )
y <- data.frame( a = 1 )

class( x[ , 'a' ] ) == class( y[ , 'a' ] )

identified neoclassical drawing style probably

sport my new facial bumper sticker, thanks donna.  rhinos no longer the only nasal-themed animal on the odd-toed ungulate branch of the tree of life


butterfly-shaped mali

a single transparent, dark-blue bead whose chemical recipe was only known in east and south asia.  it had most likely reached djenne-jeno from china roughly within a hundred years of the start of china's second imperial dynasty, the han, in 206 bc.  mcintosh told me recently that it had probably arrived via a route that connected the region to the horn of africa, far to the east.  this meant that the western sahel, once imagined as a civilizational backwater before the emergence of mali's subsequent great empires, was far more connected to the wide world, far earlier, than anyone had thought possible

scholarly neglect

"the fuse is lit..we're just running around mapping where all the bombs are"

as one climate modeler once told me, "if we can't quantify something very well, we tend to ignore it"

thinking on long time scales while acting with furious urgency


this week i

met matthew and david late morning toward seneca creek.  two cars, one kayak, one canoe, bad dog refused to sit, we paddled to an island in the potomac.  ruffles repeated jumps over the fallen tree while we played riverball, throwing from boat risks capsize.  afterwards i ate a baguette alone

admitted broccoli tastes good.  we watched anime before lolade gifted me a shirt.  here's my chuck schumer

wonder whether all step-sibling pornography derivative of the brady bunch

guess they're not as smart as those other dinosaurs that know how to open a doorknob

cannot fight every battle

read how to by randall munroe

the reason "buried treasure" is such a well-known trope is that captain kidd's story helped inspire robert louis stevenson's novel treasure island, which almost single-handedly created the modern image of the pirate (pirates do a lot of things single-handedly)

the simplest way across a river is just to ford it - which effectively just means pretending it's not there, continuing to walk, and hoping for the best

we're all trapped together at the bottom of this atmosphere

snow - which is really just fancy ice